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Monday, November 01, 2010

Back in mid-2009, when I took over a major project at the local council, one of the team, Louise mentioned that we should keep a photo blog of my outfits given I rarely repeated any. At the time we were far too busy to have that much fun!

More recently my friends and shopping buddies, Sunitha and Ianessa, were laughing over lunch about the size of my wardrobe and how I managed to fit the amount of clothes in it that I do. This led inevitably to the question of exactly how much is in my collection. At a rough guess, I mentioned, I could survive two years on my existing items without repeating an identical look. After all, at the time I had over 70 dresses. That number has risen quite significantly since.

Now, it's a little impractical to get dressed up in the weekends and I find it a bit wasteful to get dressed up if I'm not leaving the house during a weekday and there are days I do need to repeat the standard sales suits so completing 365 outfits in 365 days is a little overboard.  Instead, over the next eighteen months (or so, given the recent quake-related disruptions) I will try to assemble 365 unique looks using combinations of my extensive wardrobe, shoes and accessories.

Someone once hazarded that my wardrobe crosses timezones: I guess this will prove it one way or another!

To provide evidence of meeting the challenge, I'll upload photographic evidence on this blog as well adding the occasional article and style 'workshop' to help share some of the tips and tricks I've learnt along the way.

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