Heading back to office land

Thursday, March 30, 2017

As a contract consultant there are times I'm hauled in and working at a client's office from early morn to long after office hours. Other times I get to indulge my personal projects and hang out at home.

Since April last year I've been fortunate enough to have been able to work from my home office. Even during a stint working for a government department I was mostly sitting at my own desk in the comfort of leggings, shorts or trackpants. There may have been the odd team meeting with me curled up on the couch. Okay, maybe 75 percent of them were on the couch.

Today I had to get dressed up for a meeting in town. It felt very unusual after being so casual for most of the last year to throw on dress pants and statement jewelry.

I think we underrate classic white and cream. I often like to use it as a simple canvas on which I throw some big bling and bright shoes. Easy!

Looks like I'll be out of the trackpants and tights... I've been given a new assignment and heading back to the office next week. Expect more work outfits.

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