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Saturday, May 02, 2015

I was recently asked whether I keep separate winter and autumn wardrobes. I don't. I believe in the power of layering and whilst some items may get less use over winter or over summer, I like to keep all my options available.
The same principle applies when I travel and I prefer to take a number of lighter mix-n-match pieces which layer to suit cooler weather as well as allowing me to strip off for heated interiors.

I love my ponti pants: street alternatives to tights and skinny jeans giving the best of both worlds in stretchy comfort and ass-supporting shape. I also love my cotton-blend knit crop tops, both for comfort, the avoidance of holiday ironing and, well, abs.

With a pair of classic leather boots, in this case my knee-high Pulp riding boots, I have a base for some autumn/winter adventures.

My matching Michael Kors jacket is the perfect travel companion to my boots. It's practical in weather and can take a little wet, a lot of wind and even a bit of snow and frost. As well as dressing down for casual it's smart and classic design can dress up a little too. I bought it with sufficient room to add a couple of layers beneath.

This Caroline Morgan top in a beautifully organic design chiffon is very versatile and an excellent palette for autumn travel. On warmer days it breaks up the black without adding too much heat.Worn unbelted for ultra casual or with a belt to add shape.

As I am wont to do when putting a single outfit together, I pack my travel wardrobe using a jumping off item to define the range. Whether I'm sticking to the classic metallic - I usually choose gold - or being more daring, it helps to have something which binds disparate items together. This trip I chose the Caroline Morgan top and other items I took with me used the deep browns, greens, creams and blacks that the top contains.

I'm gutted that I live in a country famed for producing wonderful merino product and yet I can't wear wool, even fine merino, for any length of time without breaking out in an itch. Regardless, autumn and winter are definitely for knits and this thrifted Glassons polyester jersey is a travel staple.

I do have one wool item which I'm able to wear, usually because I layer it over several other garments. This wool throw is both feminine and practical. So easy to just throw on for a quick dash out or for lounging around in the homestead.

All these outfits use the black base and between them offer a versatile range of looks, from rustic casual to city chic for a spot of holiday shopping.

My advice if travelling is to pick boots that are flat or with a very low heel. My bestie brought healed boots with her and we ended up buying a pair similar to mine for her given how uncomfortable a few hours of walking in heals, even stocky ones, can be.

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