The last minute evening dress

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A few months ago I had a ball to attend but hadn't found a new dress to wear. In the end I wore my trusty black full-length evening dress but I did play with some other options on the way using items from my wardrobe. This particular example uses a boned corset and a silk Korean chima. You can however use a long skirt, scarf, sarong or hemmed fabric to achieve the same result. Just remember to choose a light fabric otherwise the tucking won't work so well.

To keep the outfit together judicious use of hand-stitching may be helpful, particularly if you intend to hit the dance floor. The beauty of this is a dress in a matter of minutes that you can disassemble after.

  1. Use the corset as a base. It's preferable to pick one with a distinctive bustline such as this heart-shaped example.
  2. Starting at the middle, line up the middle of your fabric with the valley of the corset and begin tucking the fabric so that it follows the line. A few stitches to keep it aligned is helpful at this point.
  3. To give the 'flow' of the fabric a bit of structure, use a ribbon or belt to cinch a waistline. You can elect to use an empire line or true waist depending on the shape you want to achieve.

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