A little green in the Agropolis

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Photographer: Ianessa Guerrero
A white maxi dress, skirt, palazzo or wide-legged pants — as shown in the photo — can be given real zing by adding floaty colour on top. In this case, I've used the large graphic Goa scarf from Fara Boutique as a long-line top, cinched at the waist to create shape whilst leaving the bottom free to move.

If you're on a trip away and have taken a scarf or sarong, using this trick can quickly give you an evening dinner out option that's elegant and versatile. I'm wearing this over a white crop top but depending on the density of the fabric you could do away with the extra layer.

This shot is courtesy of Ness Guerrero and it was taken at the Agropolis in Christchurch. It's a wonderful concept and great project to check out if you're in town.

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