The great aussie shopping expedition

Thursday, March 24, 2016

I love Stella McCartney for Adidas sportswear. The fabric is always of high quality, the performance excellent and Stella delivers very distinctive and unique whilst still functional designs. Unfortunately, despite the quality, I wince when I look at the price tag. So whenever I happen to go to an Adidas clearance outlet, I make a point to check both the Stella McCartney and the slightly more palatably priced, if somewhat bright, Stellasport ranges.

As you can imagine, I was super excited to be heading to Melbourne for the week and particularly to check out the range of Adidas gear at DFO in South Wharf. Australia’s larger population means that the variety available in-store is much wider than what I’m likely to find in Christchurch, New Zealand. The likelihood of finding my size is also better.
Yesterday’s visit garnered me ten items that I’d been eyeing up online but couldn’t bring myself to spend the $1000 AUD to purchase last season. With the clearance outlet discounts they came to $616 AUD. Better still, the Easter season meant that there was an additional forty percent discount on all the purchases if I bought four or more items. That meant that my shopping bag came to just $369!

Now here’s another trick to remember if you go shopping in Australia. Purchases with a single retailer (even if split across multiple invoices so long as they share the same ABN) are likely to be eligible for the Tourist Refund Scheme which allows you to claim back the GST on goods such as clothing and electronics.

I have the TRS app installed on my phone and duly entered the invoice/receipt details: when I go through the airport I’ll be able to claim back a further $33.60. Nice.

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