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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Models: Brooke and Caitlin Mather
On movies and shows like Mad Men the focus on accuracy means that the actors wear era-appropriate underthings. If you'd like a bit of insight, read Janie Bryants book 'The Fashion File' where she talks about making the actresses wear girdles!

This is certainly not the first time I've discussed how under-clothing matters. It makes a difference to the overall, finished look.

What's better than one Mather? 2 of them!

I love the shape of 1950s/1960s a-line, swing dresses. If you want that genuine flared shape then some frilly petticoats are where it's at! Sourcing crinoline petticoats is actually pretty easy. There are plenty available online from TradeMe and eBay and specialist vintage/retro stores. Or take a peek in your local op shop (thrift store for Americans). They often have one or two in the costume section.

Brooke's fluffy black number I bought new. It's Hell Bunny brand. Caitlin's fun aqua green was in a local Savemart.

Amusingly enough, a few of the retro-style dresses I've bought recently have had some tulle sewn in as a permanent petticoat. Keep an eye out for those if you're wanting to recreate a vintage look.

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