After work drinks

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The old saying "don't judge a book by its cover" is one in which I find a lot of truth. Given the content of this website you would be forgiven for thinking that I'm a sociable creature when in reality I'm really more comfortable in my own company and although I'm not fazed posing for and publishing photos, and can stand on-stage and ad-lib a presentation to thousands of people without breaking a sweat, my friends know that large social gatherings make me anxious.

Under these covers, I'm as likely to skip the group dinners and the parties as actually attend. Even if I turn up, you'll generally find me in the kitchen with my apron (pretty of course) and gloves (the long, stylish, rubber variety) on helping clear the plates.

I do love catching up with friends in smaller groups though and the other day a couple of my friends and I caught up for after-work drinks. Given my hermit tendencies, my twenties has a distinct lack of bar visits and after-work socials, so it was fun getting in the mood by giving my outfit a bit of a Sex in the City flair. As I was on holiday, I had a bit of time to play around with it and since I didn't have to go to the office could be a bit more adventurous. It was certainly great to catch up with Tess and Di for a wee gossip and a giggle feeling all grown up and more like Manhattan than Christchurch in a hotel bar with a library on the side.

I actually wore this ensemble throughout the day, dressed down a little with knee-high boots for lunch with my other half. Adding the patent stilettos in the evening made me feel a tad more glamorous and walking across the park at dusk the city rubble was less apparent and I could have been in New York or London or Paris on a warm spring evening, flashing a little leg under my black trench coat.

Style trick

I absolutely love how classic and glamorous a mix of cream and black with a dash of gold and shine can be. But adding a pop of unexpected, bright colour is one way to turn classic into edgy.


  • Paperscissors blouse from TEMT
  • Scallop waist shorts from Forever New
  • 'Jane' Isabella Anselmi patent stiletto pumps from Overland
  • Thrifted belt
  • Earrings from my favourite TradeMe store, LostAdam82
  • Thrifted blazer, brand unknown
  • Clutch, unbranded, from Green Stripes

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