A dash of gold

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

When our twenty-one year old — who is tall, slim and gorgeous, by the way — got home this afternoon she looked at me and said, "you look nice today". That's pretty high praise from Miss Fashionista, who has a shared love of clothes and online shopping: it's a blessing our sense of style is very different so despite having the same dress size it's rare she raids my wardrobe or vice versa. I explained that colleagues from the Wellington office had come down for a visit... "And you thought you'd better make an effort," she finished for me.

You're probably noticing about now that there are over two hundred posts on this blog and several hundred more on Instagram that look like I've made an effort but Lo knows that curling my hair is a bit extra, as is layering dresses. Besides, she's also seen me in after hours track-pants and in my pink striped onesie — so her perspective on what Mia wears is significantly different from readers of this website.

I love both the dresses I had on today but both are somewhat problematic. The gold Supre bodycon isn't a bandage dress, just a textured stretch polyester which means it's thin, moves a lot including riding up and shows every bump and bit of flab. I wouldn't actually be comfortable to wear it out until I've trimmed a little more. The black chiffon number from The Warehouse is super cute but it's very see-through on the blouse and the front is loose and tends to gape open meaning it can't be worn without a full singlet or slip.

However, the two together make quite an ensemble and it's fun having a wee bit of sparkle through the otherwise unexciting black.


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