A scarf and a promise

Saturday, December 20, 2014

 David Ford of Phoxford - Model: Di Lopez-McLellan 
It started with a scarf and a promise. My friend Louise enthusiastically agreed to take some shots in New Zealand of her favourite scarf from Fara Boutique. More than a year on from this, she asked if I could lend a hand styling up some looks for a girls' road trip of Christchurch and Oxford to capture scenes of Canterbury. The challenge: the looks all had to feature the scarf and my models would be myself, Louise and three of our friends. Game on!

For my part I wanted to focus on the clothes, rather than the sights and this challenge got me thinking about the ways that scarves can be used. I decided to go with five very distinct styles, each demonstrating the utility and versatility of this oft forgotten accessory.

Keep an eye out for the Goa Scarf series where I take you through each of the looks and some ideas of how to use your scarves. There are also some great urban New Zealand scenes with photos from David Ford of Phoxford and Ness Guerrero.

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