A walk through the city

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Model: Ianessa Guerrero
Let's talk about adding colour to your classic LBD look using a scarf.

A large scarf can do triple duty: keep the sun off in the day, keep you warm as the evening cools, and add some sharp contrast and interest to the little black classic look making it both a functional and beautiful addition.

Given black will go with anything there really are no rules for what colours, prints or patterns you can choose for the scarf and in a way you can use it to set the mood from glamorous to whimsical; functional or flimsy.

The scarf featured on Ness is called Goa and is part of the collection from Fara Boutique. It's a beautiful accompaniment to the strapless dress she's wearing. The look is finished using strong neck and ear pieces but staying with metallic, in this case gold, to allow the scarf to really take centre-stage.

Nude lips, a little drama on the eyes and hair in a soft up-do, Ness could wear this look in New York or London, Paris or Rome and look as at home as she is walking through Victoria Park in Christchurch, New Zealand.

The dress was thrifted, by the way, from a Saint Vincent de Paul charity shop my friend Jen volunteers at: a reminder that we should keep an open mind about where we shop. The leather heels are Nessa's current favourite Isabella Anselmi from Overland Footwear and the clutch was a recent addition to my collection from Colette by Colette Hayman.

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