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Saturday, February 07, 2015

Models: Brooke Mather & Caitlin Mather
With Valentine's Day imminent some of you may be treated to a swanky night out. Dressing up in formal evening wear is usually thrilling but can also be stressful leading up to the event. I know of women who spend a significant amount of money finding the right dress and shoes often wearing the purchases only once.

Worn with the right accessories and a confident attitude sometimes the simplest, least expensive dress can look the most glamorous.

Caitlin and Brooke demonstrate a couple of very affordable looks with these dresses purchased new from LostAdam82's TradeMe store for under $30.00 NZD each.

The royal blue fishtail looks stunning against Brooke's complexion and blond hair. To go with the regal effect, Brooke's been styled with diamante accessories. The jewelry really pops against the blue.

Caitlin's lace insert scarlet number looks amazing against her tan skin and brunette locks. We went classic with the use of gold accessories. Given the thigh high slit, the shoes are more obvious than on most floor-length dresses. Statement gold and black Isabella Anselmi snakeskin stilettos are just the ticket to finish off the ensemble.

If you have long hair an up-do really polishes a chic look and it doesn't require a trip to the hairdresser. To replicate the simple hairstyle used on both Brooke and Caitlin, simply start with curls. Tie the hair into a low ponytail. Split the tail in half and for each half twist into a rope. Tuck the ends back toward the centre and using split and bobby pins secure the twists to the base of your head. Plenty of hairspray will keep it in place.

Alternatively, a French braid is a tried and true classic.

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