Retro yellow

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Model: Caitlin Mather
I love this surprise find from Millers: a very pretty mellow yellow that enhances Caitlin's tanned complexion. The dress design is retro-70s, Laura Ashley-esque feminine in feel and the hemline a demure 1920s mid-calf. The detailing with the lace hem is just superb and is a step up from what you generally expect to find in a budget clothing store. With a pair of dainty white flats and accessories, this make a lovely ensemble for a summer outdoor event.

Caitlin wears:

  • Dress from Millers
  • Thrifted bangle
  • Thrifted belt
  • Floral hair accessory from KMart
  • Handcrafted earrings purchased through Felt

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