Aqua in the Coromandel

Saturday, April 04, 2015

I've been in the Coromandel for the first bit of the Easter break and although it's technically autumn already, knowing I was going to be in a beautiful and warm part of the country, I kept one of the Seven Days of Summer swimwear and coverups aside. Afterall, what an ideal place to take some beautiful photos and play in some crystal clear water!

Unfortunately I managed to catch a cold before heading on holiday which meant that despite the warmth of the water in Whitianga - where these photos were taken - I was restricted to paddling rather than dunking my head all the way under.

It was beaut tho' and I spent a whole day in my bikini in the hopes of actually getting into some salted water. In particular, I was hopeful of digging into the sand at the famous Hot Water Beach and getting a combo deal of thermal spring with beach views. It was hellishly busy when we made it there for the brief opportunity that low tide provides. Digging toes into the sand whilst paddling just in front of the spring however was fun and quite hot.

What I love about the bikini and scarf combo I wore is that they are also from seaside holidays and I associate them with happy memories.

The bikini is Now brand from KMart. I happened to find it during wet patch on my last trip to Nelson and nabbed it for use in the spa pool available at the holiday house. Initially I thought I'd be restricted to spa pool action with it as it's strapless but the bandeau is well made and the non-slip hem works really well. I wouldn't be worried about trying it in other types of water.

The large scarf worn as a sarong was one of a few that I purchased on clearance from Charlotte Russe in 2013. As I was in Hawaii for a friend's wedding, the scarf got a lot of use as a coverup on Kailua beach.

What's absolutely excellent about pairing these two items is that they share the same aqua, black and white palette and although the swimwear is a tropical print and the scarf is a pattern of bird silhouettes, they are complementary.

I have resolved that a return to this part of the country is in order. Beautiful weather and pristine beaches. If you're into seaside holidays, then you'll absolutely enjoy the number of sand, shell and rock beaches that line the coast all of which are teeming with life from fish and shellfish to a wide variety of birds and insects. Whether you're swimming, fishing, boating, taking photos of the scenery or wildlife, building sandcastles or exploring life in the rock pools there's plenty to see and do for people of all ages.

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