Golden skin

Saturday, April 18, 2015

I confess that I fell in love with this Blockout gold bandage dress from the moment I put it on at the Bondi Beach shop during a girls' weekend trip to Sydney. I was reticent to buy it because it's quite flashy and I wondered when I would ever get to wear it.

But the dress seduced me with its excellent fit: it's snug as second skin and given the weight of the fabric stays in place. I feel completely secure in it.

It's definitely not my only bandage dress, and not even the only one in gold but it is definitely my favourite. Given my philosophical stance on wearing what I like but creatively flexing it to be appropriate for the situation, this dress has even made it into the office.

I was extremely pleased to encounter gold and bodycon in the April challenge, simply for the chance to become golden girl for a while.

My friend Jen rated this dress an 11 out of 10. I agree.

Golden girl

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