Floral and waistcoat

Friday, May 01, 2015

Friday's challenge of floral and waistcoat induced a combination I probably wouldn't have put together if I hadn't had the challenge prompts and yet I was very happy with the resulting look for it's quirkiness.

The jumping off item was definitely the Portmans dress which offers a wide variety of colour options to run with. Given the waistcoat I matched it with was black, I chose to go with a black Fiorelli bag and my staple Isabella Anselmi stiletto pumps.

It was cool enough to wear gloves, despite the sunshine and I chose to go with the deep red leather pair I found at Glassons a couple of years back. I love these gloves because the thinness of the leather means my capacitive touch devices can be operated without taking off the gloves: excellent for txting while out in the weather.

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