Add a little sparkle

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Model: Natasha Bell
A poster at Westfield reminded me that the winter ball season is upon us. For those who choose to participate it can be a costly affair, not least of which is the sometimes exorbitant amount spent on finding the perfect dress: a dress that gets used once, maybe twice.

My perspective is to invest in the accessories: items which are reusable and which can make an inexpensive purchase look like it's worth a lot more.

Ten years ago, when I was looking for diamante jewelry for my mother to wear to an awards ceremony, there weren't many options and they were quite pricey. These days, you find cut glass not only at your typical accessories stores such as Lovisa and Equip, but at many of the fashion retailers such as Forever New and Pagani, at department stores like Farmers and even at some of the dollar shops.

As the beautiful Tash demonstrates, a little bit of sparkle can make a simple black affair look very glamorous.

A bit of diamante

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