Winter skincare

Saturday, May 30, 2015

On a couple of occasions, I've talked a bit about my skincare philosophy. Certainly I find winter is a lot harder on my skin than the other seasons and the exposure to heating and drying is already causing discomfort. So last weekend I stopped by the Clarins counter at the department store and found some products to help me this season. It was nice to get a gift pack and some samples thrown in.

I chose Clarins because I was impressed enough with their firming lotion that I went ahead recently and bought the body serum and the abdomen shaping lotion too. Since I'm happy with all three it seemed fair to try them for my winter facial regimen as well and so far, so good.

I'm not really advocating Clarins here. They're certainly not the only brand I buy and like.  But it has taken a few attempts to find products that work for me. Ones I've tried and which haven't suited have been passed on to friends, who by nature of their skintone or lifestyle, have reported that they like them well enough.

I am an advocate of finding what works for you: whether that's a natural treatment such as rosehip oil, a supermarket shelf product, a premium brand, or something boutique. It's certainly not for some random blogger on the web to imply that a modern potion works like magic.

But, if you wonder what makes me look younger than the age calculated from my birth certificate it's partly because I take skincare seriously. The skin is the largest organ on our bodies but we invariably treat it harshly from exposure to sun, wind and aircon to our diets and habits. It's as much about health as aesthetics to take a little care of it.

A week on, I can report that my skin feels much better despite me huddling by the fire. It's not soley the new serum and moisturiser which I use in the morning. When I feel like my skin needs a boost I use my tried and true Olay moisturising cream at night which is a thicker, richer formulation than most. I'd run out and bought a new tub on the same day I got the Clarins products.

The new winter regime is certainly working for me. In my skin

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